How to volunteer

The Let’s Talk Story Club works with students and youth organizations to serve seniors. We coordinate senior “memory collection workshops” in local communities and senior centers. Please contact us at to discuss how you or your organization can volunteer.

We operate on donations only, which help us provide the Let’s Talk Story book to youth volunteers and seniors at no cost.

Anyone interested in helping a senior document their life story can purchase the Let’s Talk Story book  on the Go For Broke National Education Center’s (GFBNEC) online store. 100% of profits are donated back to GFBNEC to support their mission to educate and inspire character and equality through the virtue and valor of our World War II American veterans of Japanese ancestry.

Letter to our volunteers

Let’s Talk Story Club volunteers and Japanese Studies students, South High School, Torrance Calif.

Dear Let’s Talk Story Club Volunteers,

Thank you for taking time to “talk story” with a senior and record their special memories. Your efforts are helping your seniors to combat loneliness, decrease stress and reduce cognitive decline. Additionally, the book you complete together will become a treasured keepsake for their family!

Here’s how it all works:

  1. Select a senior. It could be a grandparent, friend or someone you just met. They could live in a senior home or a residence. We encourage you to select any senior who may benefit from companionship or sharing their life story.
  2. Pick a date for your first “talk story” session. It should take two to five sessions to complete your book together. Please adjust your pace to the individual’s preference and aim to complete the book in less than two months, if possible.
  3. Once you and your senior finish your book together, we ask that you complete a final survey (link to be provided with book).

You’ll use your “Let’s Talk Story” book to guide your interaction. The prompts will help evoke your senior’s memories. Refer to the interviewer tips on this web site for help.

The final survey will ask you to submit a short write-up about your senior’s Let’s Talk Story Club experience and give you the option to include photos/videos from your time together. We highly encourage you to record your interactions and inspire others!

Thank you for making a difference in someone’s life.


The Let’s Talk Story Club